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Growing up in a family of four with my parents and elder sister, I’ve always wanted to have a child of my own. So as soon as I got settled in our marriage, we set out to try for a child. Turned out that conceiving a child wasn’t that easy after all. After going through some medical checks, our fertility specialist advised both my husband and I to go through surgeries. We prayed and did not sense that the surgery route was where God was leading us to. So we continued to pray and simply put our faith in God. Thanks be to God for His wonderful grace, our bundle of joy eventually arrived. We named her Vera, which means faith in Russian, to remind ourselves that conceiving our precious girl was really a journey of faith. That same faith in God took me on this mumpreneur journey in starting Bubs n Kids.

As a mother, I believe in simply giving my child what I think is best for her. It’s a no-brainer, really. Every kid is a perfect gift from above and deserves the best from us. When I see my little girl beaming with joy and smiling at herself in the mirror wearing her favourite dress, I too rejoice. When kids like what they see in themselves, they feel good and develop a healthy sense of self-perception. Donning the apparel that they like gives them a good start to discovering the best within them.

As a former educator, I place special emphasis on the forms of play that my child is engaged in. Playing the latest educational game on the iPad? Not quite my style. We don’t have iPads. With IT gadgets by our side these days, engaging our children in play isn’t that difficult. The question is, what are we engaging them with? It brings me joy when I see my child having some experimental fun playing with wooden puzzles. No flashy stars appearing or colourful animation coming on at a touch of the screen, just good old wooden toys to keep the kid busy all day. 

Finally, as one who believes in serving others, I want to do my part in serving the larger community. Through World Vision, my husband and I have been sponsoring the education of two kids from developing countries for the past few years. Here at Bubs n Kids, we not only sell the finest apparels and toys for babies and kids, but we also bring gifts of hope to children all around the world to break the cycle of poverty and help them live life to the fullest. To that end, 10% of the annual net profit will be given to World Vision to support children in need.

Go on, check out our premium apparels and find one that your child will be delighted to wear. Take a look at our collection of wooden toys and get something to engage your child in meaningful play. Buy something for your child here, and give hope to the children out there. 

With love and blessings,
Cindy and little Vera

Bubs n Kids