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Montessori Cylinder Blocks Set


The Montessori Cylinder Blocks are one of the first materials a child might be introduced to in the Sensorial Area. There are four cylinder blocks. In Block 1, the height is consistent, while the diameter of each cylinder grows incrementally. In Block 2, both the height and the diameter grow incrementally. In Block 3, the height grows while the diameter decreases. In Block 4, the diameter is consistent, while the height changes incrementally.

Learning Objective:

  • Visual discrimination of dimensions.
  • Preparation for writing; coordination of the fingers used to hold the pencil.
  • Refinement of voluntary movement. The child will be able to fit the cylinders with one precise movement.
  • Preparation for mathematics.

Great for ages 3 and up.

Wooden blocks are smooth with curved edges and are coated with non-toxic paint.

Material: Wood

Dimension: 15cm X 16cm X 5.5cm